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Optimizing the wealth management experience starts with the right structure. Allied partners with third party financial service companies to hold a clients' wealth in separately managed accounts (SMAs). The relationship based approach along with the SMA structure offers clients many advantages that the competition can't afford. The cornerstone of Allied's value add lies in its service of which the key elements are the following:

Investment Policy Statement (IPS)

The IPS forms the basis on which the portfolio manager will manage a client’s wealth. This guiding document is composed of each individual client’s needs and objectives and is the result of a thorough consultation with the client’s financial representative.

The IPS is a living document. As clients’ needs evolve over time, the document is reviewed and updated. Any updates will be reflected in the clients’ investments to ensure that their wealth is aligned with their needs.

Direct Relationships

Over time, the investment industry has added layer upon layer of middle management, pushing clients further away from the professionals who manage their wealth. Allied disagrees with that. Clients of Allied—individuals and advisors—will have direct access to the portfolio managers tasked with managing their wealth.

Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs)

Large institutional investors like corporations and pensions have long used the SMA structure to hold their investments. Advancements in technology have allowed Allied to offer this structure to high net worth clients. The advantages are substantial and include increased flexibility, full transparency, lower costs and better service.

Fee Simple

Allied earns fees based on the amount of wealth managed. It’s simple; the more wealth Allied creates for its clients, the better off everyone will be.


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