Rooted in independence, driven by value, backed by integrity.


Allied Wealth Management (Allied) is a growing investment management firm in Canada. A focused investment approach and full independence are what set Allied apart.

Who We Are and What We Do

Allied was born out of the desire to optimize the client’s wealth management experience while properly aligning the interests of everyone involved. Registered as a portfolio management firm in Manitoba, Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario, Allied applies a rigorous investment process that allows Allied to stay rational and focus on the things that matter. This service offering is an alternative for high-net-worth families, pensions and foundations that believe the generic investment options no longer meet their needs and expectations. Using separate investment accounts unique to each client, Allied builds customized wealth management solutions with a focus on generating cash flow growth while preserving the clients’ initial investment.

Company Values

The cornerstone of Allied’s success rests on a set of core values. They are the foundation on which daily decisions are based and promote the firm's ongoing vision. They are:

• Integrity

• Independence

• Alignment

• Value

• Transparency

Our Fiduciary Duty

Defined: A fiduciary duty refers to the highest standard of care. It is the legal obligation of one party to act in the best interest of another.

Client relationships are based on trust, and this is taken very seriously. Those at Allied hold themselves to the highest standards of a fiduciary, both professionally and personally, and this integrity is reflected in everything that's done. Every decision made puts the client first. This is done by choice, but Allied is also bound to it through its duty of loyalty, prudence and care as set out in the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute’s code of ethics.


Creating wealth is a state of mind. Allied reflects this and is the result of many years of hard work. 

Early on in my personal investing years I had the good fortune of receiving some bad investment advice, which from a young age set me on course to help others avoid a similar experience. Over time, this led to the establishment of Allied Wealth. In life, we meet many people with different points of view, but I have had the pleasure of meeting many like-minded people when it comes to investing. Allied is the next phase in bringing this group together and harnessing the power of this mind-set. At Allied, we believe in the importance of aligning your interests with an independent wealth management firm free from conflicts of interest. One that has a fiduciary obligation to act in the client’s best interests and a history of adding value through rational thought. 

Looking forward, I am confident that Allied will continue to grow and stay true to this foundational mind-set.

We thank our partners and growing network for their continued trust and confidence.

David Brandt


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